Wrong and Right Ways to Lose 5 Pounds in the Next Week

By on February 2, 2013

Wrong and Right Ways to Lose 5 Pounds in the Next Week Losing weight is a constant struggle plaguing mankind since the invention of fast food, but why is this so? Well, the simple reason it boils down to is that people just don't go about trying to do it the right way. Now you may be thinking to yourself "is there a right and wrong way?" yes, unfortunately so. Effort is not all that counts, a bit of knowledge needs to come into play too.

Top 5 Right Ways to Lose 5 Pounds in the Next Week

Stop Drinking Your Calories

- often the most underrated aspect of dietary restriction is the amount of calories coming from liquid sources. Indeed, these drinks may seem negligible, since it is a known fact that calories from liquid sources do nothing for satiety. To begin with, remove sugar laden drinks and beverages from the diet, including soda, fruit juices and even flavored water, as the effect these have on stimulating insulin is immense with far reaching consequences (insulin desensitization etc.). Insulin is a key hormone which directs the body to store fat. Removal of these hindrances is a great first step to losing an easy 5 pounds. Instead, drink lots of water, as its benefits are plenty. Water helps to flush out excessive sodium, which can help you look slimmer by preventing excessive water storage. Water is also important to prevent dehydration and is a good adjunct to a meal to reduce serving size.

Stop Eating Simple Carbohydrate Foods

- in today's world, this has become a staple in over 90% of the world's population, owing in large part to their affordability and satiety. However, simple carbohydrates are quite possibly the most deadly of all foods, paving the way for development of diabetes, heart disease and other metabolic disorders. The worse of these simple carbs effects is said to stem from their ability to spike insulin levels through the roof. Chronically high insulin levels are associated with insulin resistance (weak insulin), obesity and sometimes thyroid disease. With the introduction of many of these foods being started at a young age, the cure for this abomination may be difficult to achieve. Offer children healthier alternatives, such as fruit or slower digesting foods, promoting healthy habits from young.

Get more done

- time to get up off your lazy bum and be more physical. Instead of taking the escalator, use the stairs, walk home if you live near to your office, or take a quick jog around the block in the afternoon. Invest in a piece of cardiovascular equipment, and exercise a bit every day. Working out just 30 minutes daily, can lead to weight loss of one pound over the course of a week ,let alone if you do more. The most effective workouts for causing dramatic total body recomposition appear to be circuit training, which involve both a resistance and cardiovascular component. The result? A leaner, stronger you with better quality of life.

Sleep More

- sleep can be the limiting factor in your weight loss efforts if you feel everything else is being done correctly but to no avail. Sleep helps to reset energy consumption cycles, such that in the morning you awake feeling fresh and ready to face the world. In addition, growth hormone, produced most during sleep, is an important fat destroying hormone and plays an important role in maintaining immune function among other things. Sleep also wards off cravings, and will leave you better prepared mentally and physically to face a rigorous day. In addition, since recovery and muscle building occurs during sleep, you are likely to have a healthy metabolism the more you sleep.

Drink Green Tea

- sure, tea may not be your thing, but this should make you question your taste buds. Green tea has been proven, time and time again, to be able to burn big chunks off of your waist line, through numerous mechanisms. For one, green tea accelerates your metabolism; causing you to burn more calories even if doing absolutely nothing (basal metabolic rate or resting metabolic rate). Secondly, green tea promotes the preferential burning of fat as fuel, and prevents it from being stored when consumed. Added to the fact that green tea can make you live longer (numerous beneficial anti-oxidants) make it a part of your daily routine to take some. If it's not your cup of tea, (literally) it is available in supplement form to ensure you get more of what you need, and less of what you don't (like the taste)

Top 5 Wrong Ways People Attempt To Lose Weight

Over-reliance on Supplements

- sure, supplements have their place in an effective weight loss plan, but too often people think of them as substitutes for unhealthy habits. For example, persons who lack the willpower to control binge eating may find themselves using carb and fat blockers to compensate for a poor diet. What they fail to realize, however, is the fact that these blockers are quite possibly preventing absorption of important nutrients too.

The Procrastinator

- we all have some degree of this hideous trait in us, some more than others. These persons always put off doing the right thing; they eat junk for a meal only to say "I'll get the next one right". This mentality is not the way for achieving weight loss.

Not Knowing enough

- we've all been (or are) here at some point; we were just not born with all the necessary know how to make weight loss a breeze. But, luckily, by investing a little time in research, we become proficient in knowing right from wrong, and putting to action. Just don't be bent in the way of "it's your way or the highway", you will go it alone.

Not Counting Calories

- this is tough- personally had issues with this, especially if you don't take portion sizes into consideration. By not counting what you eat, you won't have a solid position to work from and know what to eat; possibly leading you to believe you are restricting enough. Keep a food journal, with corresponding caloric yield.

Under eating

- this is the extreme of restriction, in that caloric intake is so low fat and muscle is lost alike. While in a perfect scenario this wouldn't be bad, the truth is that metabolic rate plummets as muscle is lost, hampering continuous weight loss over the long term.

Take Home Points

While keeping these points in mind will help you to lose 5 or more pounds by next week, it is important to try to make these pounds be fat and not hard earned muscle. Keep up your protein intake, and follow guidelines and you shall be rewarded.

Michael Jessimy
Michael Jessimy
Contributing Writer at ExcelLiving.com
Michael Jessimy is head Pharmacist at one of the largest retail chain pharmacies in Guyana. He is also an accomplished amateur level heavyweight bodybuilder, as well as a former National Elocution Champion. Finally, he has taken his passion for fitness to the next level, being a self published author on the Amazon Kindle Platform.

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