7 Must Have Travel Gadgets for 2013

By on February 25, 2013

7 Must Have Travel Gadgets for 2013

Jet-setting isn't what it used to be. A decade ago, a dusty suitcase, your passport and a set of adapters for your simple chargables was about the extent of necessary gadgetry.

Gone are the simple days. Sifting through the suitcase of today's traveler is sort of like stepping into the movie iRobot. Leave it to North Americans to turn a simple beach escape into a whirring, buzzing, ringing techno war zone. If you're one of those individuals who is incapable of flipping the switch when you're on holiday, you're not a true tech warrior until you have some of these in your arsenal.

The Airport Express

Few things are worse than scrambling around, getting nickel and dimed to death for wireless internet everywhere you go. For business travelers who call hotels on the road their second home, the Apple Airport Express is an ingenious piece of technology that extends the range of any existing Wi-Fi network. Simply connect the Ethernet cable into the Airport Express device, plug it into any unoccupied outlet and when you turn your computer on, you can configure your very own Wi-Fi domain!

Kensington ComboSaver Portable Notebook Lock

Apparently, in the United States alone, laptop theft occurs every 53 seconds. Who knows what the incident rates are like when you're on the road! There's nothing worse than having your laptop snagged from your person while you're traveling and that's where the Kensington ComboSaver comes in. For under $25, it's the most highly used and reliable laptop lock brand used on college campuses across the country, and a must-have gadget if you take your work on the road.

Kensington Mini Battery Pack

You'd think we have a thing for Kensington products, we don't, promise, but you have to admit, they make some pretty neat gear. One of the biggest complaints about Apple products like the iPhone and the iTouch is their horrendous battery life. Few things are worse than trying to make it through a fifteen hour bus ride across Sumatra and having your music die on you. The lithium-polymer rechargeable Kensington Mini Battery Pack uses LED lights to tell you exactly how much charge is left in the item in question. It promises to extend your music listening time by 15 hours, your talk time by 3 hours and your video time by 4 hours! Extra time is everything when you're plane, train and automobiling around the world.

Amazon Kindle

There is nothing like setting down on a quiet beach somewhere, a warm tropical breeze dancing about your toes, the soothing sound of the ocean lapping the shore all accompanied by a really fabulous book. Reading is still the number one pass time for travelers on the road, and if you're an avid reader, slugging around multiple books is massively inconvenient. The Amazon Kindle has the ability to hold over 200 books, and it turns into a wireless device so you can shop for more titles if your little heart so desires.

Able Planet's Clear Harmony Noise Canceling Headphones

Ever spent the night in a hostel? Any backpacker will tell you that noise canceling headphones are vital component of their travel gear, they never leave home without them. Able Planet Harmony Headphones were originally designed to help improve the sound quality for those who wear hearing aids, so there is a notable boost in the quality of your music. The headphones are powered by two AAA batteries so you don't have to worry about packing yet another charger!

Reef Stash Sandals

Okay, so technically these aren't gadgets, however, they're pretty darn cool and innovative. Travel companies are constantly trying to come up with clever ways for jet-setters to hide their valuables on their person. If you're on a beach holiday, you will of course want to spend a little time playing in the surf, but worrying about your valuables left shoreside puts a damper on a good time. The Reef Treasure Chest sandals have a secret compartment in the sole, allowing for the stashing of keys, money, or credit cards! They're super comfy and no thief will ever be the wiser!

The SteriPen Ultraviolet Bacteria and Pathogen Killing Water Wand

You will never want to travel anywhere in the world without this brilliant piece of technology every again. Savvy backpackers know that water purification is the most effective way to ensure that you don't pick up any deadly water-borne diseases. The SteriPen is a no fuss, no muss way to effectively sterilize a 16 oz. glass of water. Simply stick the pen in the water for approximately 48 and seconds and voila, disease-causing bacteria and parasites are killed instantly!

Jordana Manchester
Jordana Manchester
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