7 Must Have Accessories for Spring 2013

By on April 3, 2013

Woman and spring Some of us live for the spring style report from Harper's Bazaar, some of us salivate over Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and some of us, me included, can't wait to get their hands on every possible accessory report.

Accessories to me are like the equivalent of the frosting on a Sylvia Weinstein cake, absolutely necessary and the highlight of an entire ensemble. You can be wearing the latest Louboutins, but if you're donning a Manish Arora and Amrapali ring, I think we all know where the conversation gets interesting. To be fair, most of us can't afford a Manish Arora design. Any designer who doesn't have to list their prices online and sells their swag to mega stars like Naomi Campbell, Beyonce and Rihanna, is probably out of the price range for us mere mortals. However, that doesn't mean that we can't glam up our outfits with the hottest accessory trends, so here are 7 must-haves to look the mega-star part:

1)   Braided Belt


This isn't just a must-have, it fits more into the category of ‘should already have'. A braided belt is both a staple and a classic accessory piece. It can be worn with just about every print imaginable including florals, pastels and mono-chromatics, all prints that are big this season. It can be paired with an ultra girly sundress, a pair of your favorite boyfriend jeans or a beautiful bohemian maxi dress, the sky is the limit.

2)   The All-Season Scarf

Shopping for new wardrobe pieces is definitely up there on my list of favorite things to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon, however, I also like to have pieces in my wardrobe that transition into other seasons effortlessly. Having a simple, black chiffon or jersey knit scarf is often my secret weapon to dressing up or down my spring outfits. Use it as a wrap or shawl in the evening, a head wrap for that silver screen seductress look, or slung around your neck for a more dressed down look.

3)   Giant Solid Clutch

A clutch is certainly not a new trend, but instead of being a small and conspicuous addition to an outfit, it's all about being exaggerated and eye-popping this season. They can be in muted colors so as not to ensure that the focus is on your outfit, or they can offset your ensemble, and be in one of the many bold spring tones like  emerald green or citron yellow.

4)  Statement Sunglasses

Spring 2013 is all about breaking out of your shell, and embracing your inner artist. As for sunglass trends this season, it's not about ‘I just want to blend in' and more about ‘I just have to get noticed'! So get noticed this spring with an outrageous pair of peepers. Frames with floral accents, studs, stripes and geometrics are styles straight off the runway and out on the streets.

5)  The Headband

Hair accessories are making a fierce comeback this season, and thank goodness, because I admittedly have been feeling a little lost since the fascinator trend died down! When I think headband, I generally flashback to the eighties and I start to feel a little nostalgic. This spring, headbands have gone glitzy and it's all about the details. Don't be surprised when you start to see women's heads adorned with sequins, studs, and crystals, we all get to wear a crown of sorts, right?

6) Couture Rain Gear

Spring may bring the promise of warmer days and sunshine, however, for those of us living the coastal life, ‘April Showers' is a term that we are more than familiar with. We spend so much time putting our outfits together before we step out the door, and it's all for not when Mother Nature swoops in and tries to put a damper on the day. Avoid being caught out in the elements unfashionably unprotected by pairing your spring ensemble with a chic, printed umbrella.

7)  Living on the ‘Fringe'

What with the ‘Gatspy' crave about to sweep onto the pages of every fashion magazine across the nation, it should come as no surprise that the ‘fringe' is one of  my ‘must-have' accessory picks for this spring season. Fringed cuffs, anklets, earrings and belts are all going to be hot this season, so get ready to get unhinged and rock the fringe!

Jordana Manchester
Jordana Manchester
Contributing Writer at ExcelLiving.com
Jordana is an award nominated freelance travel and fashion writer, a former model, an anthropology student and photographer. After spending a year abroad working with lions in Zambia, trekking through the jungles of Sumatra and wandering medieval castles in Portugal, she settled down in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. She makes use of her eclectic background by incorporating her infatuation with fashion and style, her obsession with xenophilia, and her obvious love of wayfaring, into every piece she writes.

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