5 Fab Ways to Glam Up a T-Shirt

By on March 9, 2013

Sometimes the best things in life are free, and already in our closet! With the spring season upon us, and new trends gracing the cover of fashion magazines every week, it's hard to resist the urge to run out and snag ourselves an entirely new wardrobe. Let's pump the breaks for a minute here. Why not throw those credit cards on ice, save our dough for all those hot summer nights out on the town, and get a little creative this season? The T-shirt is probably one of the most underrated pieces in a woman's wardrobe, and rarely is it ever considered to be a first line of fashion defense! Well, it's time to change that, because a T-shirt, when styled right, has the potential to become one of the most glamorous pieces in your wardrobe repertoire.

1)  Keeping it Casual

  Keeping it Casual

Thank goodness for Casual Fridays, because after a long, hard week, it's nice not having to put in all that extra effort to your work wear. Enter the T-shirt. What could be more fuss-free than a simple, plain white T-shirt? Now, not putting in any effort into your outfit is one thing, but looking like you haven't is a different story, you still want to look fab! Pair a T-shirt with a chic blazer, some skinny jeans or a pleated skirt, and a statement belt, and Casual Friday turns into I-tried-to-be-casual-but-I'm-too-chic Friday.

2)  Make a Statement

  Make a Statement

A simple T-shirt can be quickly transformed from blah to beautiful with the right accessories. This spring season, incorporate winter trends like bright, bold infinity scarves, ethnic beaded necklaces and or a unique vintage brooches. The simpler the T-shirt, the more adventurous you can get with your accessories, so get edgy and get creative!

3)  Take it to the Street

  Take it to the Street

Leather is and always has been one of the best ways to take your look from geek to street. Pairing a graphic T-shirt with your favorite denim or leggings, and a tailored leather jacket is both edgy and versatile. If you're wearing leather with a significant amount of hardware (studs, spikes, etc), consider a plainer T-shirt style, let the leather do the talking. If you're wearing plain leather, go for bold, graphic, ethnic or animal prints.

4)  Crop n' Con

  Crop n Con

Body con dresses and skirts are still a style favorite for gals wanting that tantalizing textured, and slim look. For a daring, skin-bearing night look, throw on your favorite hip-hugging body con skirt with a crop or regular T-shirt. Pair it with stiletto booties, wedges or peep toes, a stylish clutch, and some feather earrings, and get ready to hit the town!

5)  Maxi-mize Your Style

Maxi-mize Your Style

The maxi skirt is one of those styles that seems to make it into Fashion Week around the world season after season. Designers can't get enough of its versatility, which makes it a perfect companion to a basic T-shirt. For a playful, bohemian look, play up the drama of a full length maxi skirt by pairing it with a simple black or white T-shirt, a beautiful leather cross-body bag, a pair of gladiator sandals and your favorite bangles. If you want to take your look from casual to couture, pair your T-shirt with peplum skirt, a blazer and platform pumps.

Whether you're off to the office or heading out for an evening of sizzle and sass, never underestimate the fashion forwardness of a simple T-shirt. It's a timeless, classic wardrobe piece and one that every woman should have in her style arsenal!

Jordana Manchester
Jordana Manchester
Contributing Writer at ExcelLiving.com
Jordana is an award nominated freelance travel and fashion writer, a former model, an anthropology student and photographer. After spending a year abroad working with lions in Zambia, trekking through the jungles of Sumatra and wandering medieval castles in Portugal, she settled down in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. She makes use of her eclectic background by incorporating her infatuation with fashion and style, her obsession with xenophilia, and her obvious love of wayfaring, into every piece she writes.

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